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" YoU PiCk ThE DaY, WiLl BrInG ThE FuN "

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Before being a Business ….. I’m a proud parent!
TATARENTALS is a family own business. We know how gratifying it is when our children are happy. We understand that happy memories can last a lifetime! FUN is serious business! and we take our business seriously. We provide rental service of License Bouncers, concessions, ONLINE PARTY STORE and much more. Our Bouncers are officially licensed products and we use the finest quality, Heavy Duty, Reinforced Vinyl, Flexo Bar Knotless Netting and Extra Strength thread. Quality material’s results in longer life and higher profitability. Allowing you and your children to maximize your fun. TATARENTALS would like to continue building trustworthy relationship with members of the Los Angele and Orange County community. This is why we remain honest and affordable while producing top-notch products rentals.
TATA RENTALS is a service oriented company and believes that its success is driven by offering maximum support to its customers in helping them to achieve their goals. Our staff is trained and dedicated to help you choose from our huge variety of most attractive and child appealing products for your party.
Kids love our exclusively detailed characters, animals and settings. Kids can't part from our interactive dry or wet Slides and Obstacle Courses. Our artists and engineers introduce over twenty new designs every year. We have over 70 different styles & sizes to offer.
We use only the finest quality, heavy duty, reinforced vinyl, flexobar knotless netting and extra strength thread. Quality materials result in longer life and higher profitability.

There Has Been Recent Questioning Regarding Our company Name "TaTa". Our Family Started This Company In 2004 With The Acknowledgment That We Would Make It a Family Oriented Company. My Children Call Me "TaTa" And Their Grandfather Too. "TaTa" Is Another Name For Father In Our Family. We Apologize If There As Been Any Discomfort In Our company Name, But I Assure You That "TaTa's Rentals" Is Family Friendly Company. We Have Always Aimed For Customers Satisfactory. If There Is Still Any Doubts Or Questions That You May Have For Our Company; I Urge You To Call Us Or Email Us, So We Can Answer Any Questions You May Have.

Thank You,
TaTa Rentals

Our ONLINE STORE is a third party marketing website for companies such as Netflix, Cash4Gold, and many more. We are authorized to promote and distribute these offers from these companies by goal is to bring you the best deals and offers online. You can browse through our selection of hundreds offers to find the one that meets your exact needs. 



TATA RENTALS products are engineered and certified by registered professional engineers to meet and exceed all standards of The American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM ). All inflatable structures manufactured by TATA RENTALS are approved and registered for safety, and are on file at The Regulatory Commission for Amusement Ride and Device Manufacturer Quality in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.




TATA RENTALS units are crafted for maximum durability. They are built with double, triple and quadruple stitching, along with polyproplyn and nylon reinforced webbings at the all important stress points. We carefully engineer every component to make sure that sufficient amount of air is distributed to all sections of the unit.